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arcDeformer for Maya v1.81

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arcDeformer is a small tool that helps smooth / reshape the selected edge loop.

It will create a bezier curve for the selected edge loop,  with control points and a dropoff slider.

Install: copy and paste the script into a python tab in Maya script editor

update :

v 1.81

-bug fix

v 1.8

- attach edge loop to a custom curve

v 1.72 
- new multi-curve mode
- fix value change when switching between curve type

v 1.7

- increase max control points to 500

- curve type Bezier or Nurbs

-arc option: make arc curve or follow edge loop shape

-snap option: snap edge loop points to curve position.

-even option: distribute even space

-support full circle edge loop ( a bit buggy when there is not enough control points)

for people who like to upgrade/add script to polygonLab menu

simple download the file "without" version number and copy it into polygonLab.

the script is for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or working in the studio.

please don't distribute/share, change the script or reuse the script code to make your own script.

Bug Report:

any bugs please email me

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arcDeformer for Maya v1.81

99 ratings
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