polygon freeForm for Maya v1.05

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The first dedicated tool for hard surface and organic shape design inspired by Nurbs tools. Create blends between sections and give your model precise curvature with smooth crown, sharp creases, or round fillets easy and fast.

Version : 1.05 fix bug in python 3 where int / int = float, use int // int = int
Version : 1.04 division slider only activate when select edges in the edge border

Version : 1.03 enable division slider for blend mode

version 1.02 

- added drift slider for more control.

- re-engineer the way to UI work, before every shift with a slider count as dozens of undo steps, new method allows user undo to the previous value with a single undo step. I am really happy I finally found the solution.

version 1.01

- fixed bug when using in Maya 2022

for people who like to upgrade/add script to polygonLab menu

simple download the file "without" version number and copy it into polygonLab.

the script is for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or working in the studio.

please don't distribute/share, change the script or reuse the script code to make your own script.

Bug Report:

any bugs please email me n2197472@hotmail.com

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(54 ratings)
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polygon freeForm for Maya v1.05

54 ratings
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