instantDrag for Maya v1.04

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instantDrag for Maya v1.04

- Im3dJoe - Maya Polygon Lab -
26 ratings

InstantDrag allow user to simply click and drag mesh on another surface.

It can work in any situation. no mesh pre-select is required, once the tool is activated, just simply click and drag on any mesh which is on top of another surface.

hotKey for quick adjustment:

## hotKey :

## + Ctrl ----> rotate

## + Shift & Ctrl ----> scale

## + Shift ----> duplicate current mesh

## + Alt ----> snap to face center or vertex

## + Alt & Shilt ----> force center pivot and snap mesh to surface

let me know what you think, and happy to hear any suggestions to make the tool simple but more functional.

version Note
1.03 reMap hotkey so it's easier to use

1.02 add instant duplicate

1.01 fix bug when there is no mesh underneath at initial click

1.0 First version for public test

for people who like to upgrade/add script to polygonLab menu

simple download the file "without" version number and copy it into polygonLab.

the script is for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or working in the studio.

please don't distribute/share, change the script or reuse the script code to make your own script.

Bug Report:

any bugs please email me n2197472@hotmail.com

I want this!


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