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rapidPlace for Maya v2.66

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rapidPlace for Maya v2.66

- Im3dJoe - Maya Polygon Lab -
171 ratings

This tool to help you place / stamp mesh from preset library on surface, just click , drag , drop.

easy to snap on any polygon mesh,

for more information and how to use it, please check out the video list below.

method 1

copy python file to user scripts folder


run the following to start the tool or drag those to the shelf to make a quick button.

from rapidPlace2_66 import *



method 2

copy python file in a notepad
remove '#' in the last line of

copy and paste the entire code to a python script editor

run it.

drag those to the shelf to make a quick button.


*thanks Andrey for the suggestion


place sample to selected face, exchange samples:

slice stamp:

mesh projection stamp on curve face:
tutorial Create rapidPlace stamp using speedCut :

version 2.58 -
version 2.56 - 

version 2.5 -

version 2.1  -

version 2     -

Decal Atlas  -

version 1.4  -

SpeedCut + RapidStamp + RapidScrews time lapse:

Version note:

2.66 fix bug when using blend stamp mode in maya 2022

2.65 added rename function, but still need a way to refresh icons fast

2.64 bug fix on export boolean type stamp and convertStamp

2.63 add frame collap on/off buttons

2.61: bug fix
2.6: bug fix
2.59: add an option to export stamp with/without crease information, camera snapshot improve.

2.58: new stamp type allow create a group with items
2.56: stamp with shader 
2.54: fix UI bug, UI can not resize, drag to hide control slides
2.5:   new blend mode for stamp shape, multi-mode for placing random objects

2.32: UI bug fix

2.31Beta: - display bug fix, rePosition hotkey fix


-Place mode: place stamp from selected faces, exchange stamps, Mesh Projection with volume preservation

-Stamp mode: slice stamp, help better mesh projection to face with curvature

-Create mode: rename folder, quick tool help organize stamp export, export with poly edge crease information

-UI: speed improve when switch tag

2.1 - Batch export mode, remove mode. New stack / swing mode

2.01 - Stamp tool and update UI

1.42 - Atlas sheet, for example 4 x 4 grid map, name map as map_4x4

and place inside atlas folder, tool will pick up when refresh.

1.41 - add hotkey while click press Shift + drag to control scale, press Ctrl + drag to control rotation. fixed bug to random scale.

1.4 - tool has been rename to rapidPlace, as it can place more then just screws now. new features including set library path, new decal type mesh, decal projection to snap decal to target mesh, drag rePosition allow fast drag drop to new position, and sample export to add your shape with one click

1.3 - added sliders for better control. library change to Alembic format, mb format crash a lot in previous version. Added instance and gpu cache support.

the script is for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or working in studio.

please don't distribute/share, change script or reuse the script code to make your own script.

Bug Report:

any bug please email to me

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