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unBevel for Maya 1.12

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unBevel for Maya 1.12

- Im3dJoe - Maya Polygon Lab -
86 ratings

This tool help resize bevel / unbevel when you accidently delete history.

update v1.11 added new hotkey

click + drag = resize bevel

shift + click + drag = instant unbevel

update v1.12 bug fix

update v1.1: added slide function, so it can be use to resize existing bevel.

check out the video to see it in action.

There is limitation that required at least three edges to calculate angle.

If you are good at math, please improve it make it better.

Install : copy and paste script into a python tab in maya script editor

for people who like to upgrade/add script to polygonLab menu

simple download the file "without" version number and copy it into polygonLab.

the script is for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or working in the studio.

please don't distribute/share, change the script or reuse the script code to make your own script.

Bug Report:

any bugs please email me

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